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Urbit Rocks

Urbit is the most ambitious software project you’ve probably never heard of. I don’t think there’s anything else in computing that even comes close. Urbit is a re-imagining of what computing could look like if you had a decentralised, encrypted, peer-to-peer network underlying everything. It’s what the Internet wanted to be when it grew up. Your Urbit is a virtual cloud computer that you control forever. Here are just a few reasons why Urbit is so awesome.


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Index Zero

When I decided to finally do something with this domain I’ve owned for… I don’t know how many years, it seemed to make sense to turn it into a blog. I’ve always wanted to write a blog. As you all know, the most important part of starting a blog is picking which tech stack you’re going to use. I had heard of Jekyll but after some Googling I quickly stumbled across Hugo.